Sunday, October 18, 2009

Utah Fall

On Saturday, cousin Spence called me and offered to take me to the canyon again, but this time in Payson. He had heard of a waterfall you could hike to so we went searching with his roommate and friend! Turned out to be quite an adventure just trying to find the right road to take us up to the canyon, but once we found it it was a straight shot. We hiked up the little trail, climbed up and around the waterfall area, then took our time meandering down back to the car taking tons of photos on the way~~~

I was laughing cus it was like he was Chinese,
flashing the peace sign. haha!

Utah is so beautiful right now from all the fall colors.
For anybody far's a taste of what
I'm blessed to see everyday!

I seem to really like up close photos.
You sometimes miss all the details from far away.

Polka dot leaves

Love this deep purple.

Even though lots of the pretty red and yellow leaves
are falling and gone now, the deep red mixed with
all the bare branches makes the mountains
look purple...always a plus.

We found an aspen grove and stopped to look around

P. S.
Sometimes it's just nice to listen to moving
water. This little river of waterfall runoff
followed us on our hike and we had to cross
over it on wooden logs along our hike. Fun~