Friday, March 26, 2010

Sight Seeing #1

My computer is back! YEaH. Now I can update you all
on how my wonderful time in Peru finished up.
First stop was Qorikancha,
a convent of Saint Domingo of Cusco.
The Spanish built over the sacred sites of the Inkans
as a way of conquering them. Mean.
Neither Carlie nor I really have any more photos cus,
lets be honest, it's a museum. After about 63 in Europe...
you're just done :)
Then the beautiful Saqsayhuaman.
Supposedly, if you drink the water you live forever.
They had it roped off, so that was a bummer!
Figured I'd have to just bank on the church for that whole
"Eternal Life" thing~
Along our hike they had these awesome slide things.
We totally weren't ganna do it, then Carlie and I
looked at each other and were like,
"Why not? We're here!"
So that's us at the top, conquering.
The white statue was a copy of the
Christ statue in Brazil.
The people have crosses and Christ statues everywhere.
So religiously minded.
Big amphitheater.
Walked through pitch black tunnels through the rocks.
Nothing like seeing light at the end of the tunnel!
There were quite a few parts to Saqsayhuaman.
The whole walking tour took a few hours.
Just so nice to be outside.
Look how close the stones fit together.
No mortar or anything. Genius craftsmanship.
Stopped at a textile market with boxes of Llama wool
just waiting to be spun.
Came so close to buying this hat......
then I remembered I didn't live in Peru.
Took a beautiful drive into the valley way down
from where we spent the day.
Surprise! Power's out in the hotel!
Welcome to a 3rd world.
(Yes, we realize we look creepy, haha)
They had a single candle burning in every room.
Set quite a mood.
Then, in the morning we got to see how beautiful it was.
We could see the stars through the roof when
we checked in at night, so overall it
made for a more memorable end to a great day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Conference~Day 1

Finally did what I "came here to do"... prEsent!
The sun came up so early I was up and going by 6:30 when I could have had at least another hour. Probably part of it was nerves, but once we got down in the conference room, saw the people and got going, I seriously wasn't nervous at all. In this photo I'm teaching about social change, a four part model, the first part being fundamental skills. Pretty fun~
Lynley recruited us all to help her with small groups
to identify Peru's top 10 public health concerns.
My group of women were so great.
Way organized and listened to every member in the circle.
Hey Ty, one lady asked me what time it was and I didn't
know how to say 12. So...I counted up to 11
(this is so embarrassing) and got across that I wanted '12'
then I got to say y media!!!!
Then, I got to talk to someone in French in the elevator,
so I felt redeemed of my language skills.
Surprise! Anne Marie found a market and bought...
...and this is only one day's attempt.
Brian bought this awesome hat.
Had to try it on.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Casa Cunco (pt 2) Children

("Part One" of 'Casa Cunco'
post appears below this post.)
~I can not possibly express how beautiful these children are~
At first they just stared at smiles.
But, with the most piercing eyes.
But I learned in Africa that showing kids photos
always works to get them smiling and close.
Could nOt get enough.
We brought them these balls.
Huge hit.
Busted out a game of soccer.
Rodrigo eventually came and sat by me in the
"I've played, and now I'm tired" patch of grass. Wise.
All of their cheeks are so burnt.
It gets so hot, but then they crack when it's cold at night.
These kids will hold my heart forever.

Casa Cunco (pt.1)

Part One
WArnInG: photo overload to come!
Today's post is going to be a two part affair because I took over 100 photos! Ah! But it was such an amazing day, like out of a movie. It was our one humanitarian day. We spent the whole day in this little remote village playing with kids, painting, passing out clothes/blankets, and playing soccer. I just feel so...blessed, spoiled, and without words to be in such a place and having the experiences I'm having. I hope you feel how refreshing today was~

Started out driving through the city going yet
higher in elevation from Cusco.
~12,800 elevation= lightheaded and out of breath~
Then, we got out into the fresh air.
Soccer is everywhere here.
Lots of sheep, and for those who really know me...
I get super excited when I see pigs!
Then, our bus broke down and we got to walk to the village.
I was so happy cus I felt more appreciative of
the beautiful scenery. Unbelievably fresh air. The villagers
in Casa Cunco don't have any motor transportation, so everyday
they walk up and down this hill to wherever they need to go.
The school kids walk 2 hrs in the morning to school
in the village down the mountain,
then 3 hours back up home.
And the wildflowers were everywhere.
Grandma & mama, you two would have loved it.
Then by chance/mercy, two cars came by and offered to
drive us and our humanitarian supplies up hill.
It was so hilarious, we all piled up in the back of this
OlD truck with Peruvians who didn't speak english.
Had to sandpaper the walls before we could paint's messy!
Walking through the village this little girl just came up
and took my hands and started to twirl :)
And then all too soon it was time to walk back.