Friday, February 18, 2011


My little brother Call lives here in Provo. The other night he stopped over for a visit in the evening. I told my roommates after he left that I knew we were, no doubt, for a fact, true blood siblings because the first thing he asked me after walking in the apartment was,
"Hey, do you have any chocolate?"

do you even have to ask???

I stocked him up on my homemade cookies, then tried to balance out the damage by giving him wheat thins and carrots. The carrots were vehemently refused, but a sister's gotta try right?!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Made the Cut

So you all remember my little Mish (Misha) right? He's one of my little babes I do ABA therapy with at work.
He was sick the last two days so didn't come to school. I missed his little voice so much. He is one of the few kids we consider more 'verbal' than the rest. Most of the time the little ones just cry, scream, or make random noises. {You could probably blindfold me and I could tell you who's cry/noise/squeal was who's very accurately. I used to wonder how moms, of all species really, are just wired to know their own child's cry. Now I have a better idea how!}
I missed him.
Today he was back.
My co-worker was doing a therapy session with him today and afterwards told me something I thought was so cute that Mish did. We are working with him to learn the names of his family members. We'll say, "Misha, what is your mom's name?" Or, "Who is your sister?"
I made the cut!
When asked today, "Misha, who is your sister?" guessed it...
He said, "Ammawee!"