Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 May 9, 2002 - January 6, 2013

~How we love our little beast~

We, or daddy really, liked to joke her. (see video) One time, daddy was chasing her around the yard and fell half-way in the pool! I think she's giving him the, "Well, what'd you expect?!" kinda look.

The Nose
Such a hound dog 

Teaching her that the pool really isn't as scary as she thinks. And letting her cool off. She never jumped in voluntarily!

Bath Time!
Clearly, her favorite occasion.

 The "double-ear" flap back
When she'd really howl, one or both of her ears would stay flapped back!
(Or, Ty boy would give her a little assistance)

 This is how she would give you loves...

She'd often "join" us for dinner via the kitchen window.
Sometimes we'd sneak her a bite. The beast would eat anything...but fruit.

Then our Caramel girl got sick.

She had rapid liver failure and within four days, was gone.
We didn't know she was so critical, or what was even really going on 'till Sunday morning (day 4). We thought she'd ate something that made her feel 'off' and not want to eat or drink. She was still walking around a bit and digging in the garden. 
But Sunday morning, mama said puppers wasn't able to stand. I went to the sliding door and called her inside and she wobbled into my arms where I put her on her little bed. We rushed her to the animal hospital to run some tests. It was horrible to know she was hurting and we might lose our little beast. There was nothing we could do except drastic surgery, with little guarantee/hope of success for such a sick dog at her age.

So we chose to say goodbye and let our little girl go. 

It was so sudden, and as emotional and hard as anyone who's loved a pet would imagine. They are truly a member of your family, with their own personality; creating memories with everyone as a family and with their individual personal bond with each person. We loved her as much as we could that day. But you're never really ready to say your last goodbye, give your last kiss to her ear, hold her face in your hands or feel her soft fur knowing when you stop it'll be the last time. 

We made her a little box, putting her name on top in sparkly letters any girlie would love. Then daddy dug a hole where we all chose as a good spot. We wanted to be able to see her special spot and remember her forever.

Ty boy played the pipes and daddy said a prayer.

I jokingly voted to place this flying pig/rabbit deal by her spot, for obvious reasons. But daddy made a good point. After saying she was probably in heaven chasing bunnies, he realized you probably can't really "hunt" bunnies, as it is heaven, so figured they were probably just playing tag haha! Whatever she's doing, I'm positive she's happy and being loved while she waits for us. Our little beast was one happy, energetic, perpetually playful puppy her whole life. To mark her special place, mama picked out this perfect small bird bath, and I found this sweet "Heaven on Earth" stone. Perfect for our Caramel girl~

We've already looked out the window 100 times these past few days. We miss her. So much. I miss the walks, the wagging white tipped tail, the sniffs in my ear, the (annoying but not) barks, the surprise attacks to the sliding glass door, the sound of four skidding feet on the wood floors when she'd escape inside, daddy chasing her around the back yard, mama saying "little girl" from the kitchen as she'd admire the little beast through the window, her 'loves' any time of day or night as soon as you open the door, saturday morning stretches before the walk, her never ever ending energy ... 

I still sometimes look outside and, for a second, think I see her poking her head around the corner, lying in her bed, or sunbathing on her pillow. There was never a day she didn't love us and greet us at the door with a wagging tail and love to give. We'll never stop loving her.

Forever our Little Girl, Beast, Carmelito, Caramel Girl & Puppers

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