Sunday, July 17, 2011

A little bit-o-everything

My roommate Melanie is amazing with cooking/baking/crafts, etc and she made this 'flag cake'. The first cut into it was pretty exciting, crossing out fingers hoping it worked!
We had a BBQ on our patio for friends, sort of pot luck style.
Always something going on at the wonderful house of our.
Me, Jenny and Katie

Later that night about 20 ward members all rented canoes and rowed ourselves down the Charles to watch the fireworks. Front-row-seats! So fun to have the Boston Pops playing in the background, see the show reflecting off the water and buildings and have absolutely nobody in front of you and no crowds. Great 4th of July.
Allyson, Katie, Reed & Allison
Me, Miss Mitton (more fun than just Allison) and Melanie

~Welcome to the world Brock~
My friend Sarah who went to Africa same time as me just had her first baby.
Congrats Srizz

An end of an Era
Harry Potter 7 pt. 2
SOOOO crazy it's all over. How many times have I read those books, watched those movies while baking cookies or listened to the books on tape while quilting and sewing??? I remember clearly living in my room for hours at a time sewing-away because I had my Harry Potter for entertainment. And then when the 7th book came out and daddy finally finished listening to it in his car(!), we sat in the car in front of the house going over and over the finish trying (and failing) to figure all the twists and turns out. It was such a part of childhood for my generation :)

Christy and Anthony (my newly married childhood friend)
flew into MA a few days ago to spend a few weeks with Christy's mom,
Marilyn Stokes. Got to spend Saturday afternoon with them.
A little slice of 'home.'
(and we toured a public library which was gorgeous)

Just a smattering little catch up post.