Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok, for all you ladies out there...
let me set the scene and please say this sounds familiar:

4 Roommates all sitting in one room (one on the counter, another on the couch, another in a chair, and the forth at the table), eating chocolate/popcorn/and otterpops, half dressed in street clothes and half in PJ's that you would never dare show 'real people', convincing one roommate (with strong rhetoric) that the x-boyfriend should in fact remain the x-boyfriend, sending texts to said x-boyfriend wondering why they broke up with you then try SO hard to be your "friend", doubting the text they just sent and wondering what ever happened to face-to-face contact, dancing around the room to Michael Bublé waiting for the response and...

*Taking a BREATH when its all over*
{and a sure sign its all over???
the amazing silence we're all sitting in now}

Props to my roommate for liberating herself and using us for support.
As dramatic as it was super fun!
After all...going to college is about finding your bridesmaids,
not your husband right?!

Monday, November 9, 2009


So I just wanted to share some fun times I've had recently.
Last weekend I went to Las Vegas. I just wanted to get away and go play with the family. My cousin has two little kids now (crazy) and since I was there over Halloween I saw them in their little costumes.
She made them!
(haha, both the kids and the costumes)

His name is Peter so he was Peter Pan

This little moment I had tonight....courtesy of my roommate!