Sunday, July 20, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 99&100

IT'S DAY 100 OF 100 HAPPY DAYS!!!!
~How fitting that I'm in Boston~

Happy Day Moment #99
* Convincing my old gym to let me work out for free as a 'guest'
*Running around with Al borrowing china
for my bridal shower she threw me (sunday)
One of the homes we borrowed china from was my first house I lived in when I moved here.
Hello Nottinghill
I texted daddy and he said I should hit the deli around the corner we fell in love with when he first dropped me off.
*Baking baby cheesecakes for the shower, 
taking short naps while they cooked cus I'm so stinkin' tired
* Attending an old roommates birthday party (croquet)
Backyard was luscious, but also chuck full of mosquitos. 

*Church at the beautiful LP1 Chapel. Saw my cousin, and
Bishop even remembered Clark's name!

*Walks. I love these streets.
*Everything is green. Even in mid-summer.
I used to envision walking this path when I was really homesick and it would calm me just to 'feel' the feelings of this walk again in my mind. 
*Got asked directions by a stranger on the street.
I knew the answer.

*Bridal Shower -- Tea Party Themed
 Proof that I still have friends!
 Allison bought individual teacups for everyone, McCall made butterscotch rice crispies, Katie cut fruit and cheese slices, Al made cheesecakes and bought my favorite Lindt chocolates (as did Amber for one of my gifts... props for friends knowing me so well), and KJ made the brownies. We went to two different stores just to find the right juice Al wanted, and the chocolate milk I wanted. 
A tea party w/o tea. That's the best kind. 
She strung the cutest little doilies in all the windows.
(no photos of presents, or myself. I promise both were there)
*A solo walk up upland street. I should take a photo of that too.

I started this 100 Happy Days series to help me better focus on the good things happening in my life, even when / because I was missing home so much.
Its helped.
I still love my home, but I see better now that my 'life' is in Vegas with him.
And I'm more excited after this weekend than I've ever been to get back to him.
I'm ganna keep checking off the boxes on my Wedding Day countdown,
and focus on the new home I'm going to try and set up with him,
wherever we go / stay in the next year ... or three or four...
together ~

Friday, July 18, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 96-98

I'm in Boston.
What hasn't been a happy moment?

Happy Day Moment #96
Opening a travel package from him.
Mostly it consisted of fancy chocolates (perfect),
but also a new mix tape.
We listened to the new tunes while I packed and he explained why he liked each individual song.
Then I flew away on a red-eye.

Happy Day Moment(s) #97
*KJ picked me up from the airport and brought me home :)

*Dropped off my bags, then hit the city.
*Lunch with Miss Mitton in Copley Sq.
*Ran wedding errands I've been waiting to do since it's kinda something specially found here.
*Sat on some steps to eat a fantastic cupcake in the great weather.
Complete stranger walked by with his wife and said, "You look like you're in heaven."
I said, "Sir, I am."
I'd like to know what I looked like in that moment, cus I was feelin' pretty dang content with life, and obviously wasn't hiding it.
*Walked through the Public Gardens
*The hottest T rid of my life to meet up with Jennie.
We've got a sushi love we share.
*Talking w/ girl friends on hard wood floors that creek and really loud AC units.
*Karaoke night!
*11 pm walk to JP Licks. We just couldn't wait a full 24 hours to renew this tradition. And I'm fully aware i look way too excited. Can't help it.

Happy Day Moment #98 
{so far}
*Asked Alex and Laur to go to the temple with me.
I love that Celestial room ~ stained glass

*Walking up familiar steps, cooking lunch and answering the door like its my own house.
Which it's not, and that's ok haha ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 92-95

Guys... we're really getting down to the count here!

Happy Day Moment #92
Having Saturday plans.
Drove my newly returned missionary cousin and his friends to the lake for our ward trip. Then spending the rest of the day with my man when he got off of work 2 hrs early!

Happy Day Moment #93
Missionary homecoming talk in church for my other cousin who just got home. 

Happy Day Moment #94
Sometimes you fall out of sync with people.

Happy Day Moment #95
He took me to a fancy Italian restaurant as our evening out together.
And bought "us" (me) a chocolate lava cake to "share".

We all know how that really played out. 

And, wasn't there something else???
oh yeah...

Friday, July 11, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 90-91

Happy Day Moment #90 & #91

I'm not sure these were so much 'happy' moments. Felt more like a series of unfamiliar and overwhelming moments. But he and I went apartment shopping last night and this morning. Feels totally normal cus it's the obvious next step... renting a place with him. But still very unfamiliar and a balancing act between what we 'want' vs. 'can afford' ... and also what you can tell the other person really does/does not like
without anyone trying to be the dominant decision maker. 


I'll post a follow up happy day moment when we actually settle on one and the stress is gone.
For today, please excuse the breach of sappy happiness for a bit of real life 'happy but odd'.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 88-89

Happy Day Moment #88
One of my orchids bloomed

Happy Day Moment #89
Our ecclesiastical leader (LDS Bishop) likes to meet with engaged couples to give council and just check in. We met with him tonight, and it made me even more excited! 
We feel like it's getting really real.

51 days till the wedding!!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 84-87

Happy Day Moment #84
Driving the freeways of Vegas watching all the fireworks go off all across the city. We'd tried to get to a show, but it kind of didn't happen. So we ended up driving where we thought it was going to be... then back home for a round trip of about an hour. It was actually really cool to watch everything across the valley light up in a large-scale panoramic sort of view. 
I asked him to tell me the story of the Fourth of July.
One thing you should know about him, he knows his history; dates, names, facts, etc. 
One thing you should know about me, I like to ask questions; interruptive-ly, specific, and until I really truly understand, etc.
It was unique. And really fun.

Happy Day Moment #85
Driving to the airport with him... twice.
First, to pick up his parents from their Ireland trip.
Then, to pick up their lost luggage a bit later.
We decided twice was enough for one night.

Happy Day Moment #86
Listening to my cousins' mini home coming firesides at my uncle's house.
One came home from Nicaragua.
One came home from India. 

Happy Day Moment #87

I love purple orchids, most of any flower. 
He said he had to "drop something off" before FHE.

{and I didn't even bother to rearrange my desk to 'hide' the chocolate on my books. Because that would be a lie. And every girl out there knows they do the same thing. I love chocolate far too much to bother pretending I'm not addicted}

Thursday, July 3, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 78-83

Happy Day Moment #78
Swimming with not one, but TWO married couple friends of ours.
Watch out

Happy Day Moment #79
Taking a nap

Happy Day Moment #80
A busy work day with a fun co-worker

Happy Day Moment #81
Getting the proofs for our wedding announcements!!
Miss Mitton is designing them!
(again... sorry but no previews)

Happy Day Moment #82

He bought me chicken fingers and fries.
Cus that's all I wanted.
And he didn't judge me for it.

Happy Day Moment #83
Laugh/Crying on the stairs with him cus I sometimes feel like a crazy person/emotional mess/disaster.

But he handles it. And says he still loves me.
Then we run errands and I feel happier then I ever am without him.

(Just accept the sappy. Embrace it,
and all my posts leading up to my wedding will go down a lot smoother)