Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dairy Fest, VT style

Wanted to go do something fun a few weekends ago (cus my life is clearly so boring normally!), and felt like VT was the place to be. 
{When daddy and I were driving cross country, we stopped at every state sign (risking our lives in about 3 states) and took a photo. I mentioned this first thing after getting on the road; that I'd love to get VT's sign. So when hours later, on our way home after a whole day, we passed this VT sign, I immediately hit the brakes while K simultaneously whipped out his phone. Had to smile at the brilliant synchrony of thought ;) }

For one day, we hit up a lot:
-Prophet's birthplace
-Cheese factory
-Ice Cream factory 
 Sharon, VT
Prophet's Birthplace 

Grounds of Prophet's home where he was born.

Quick stop for lunch at the Prohibition Pig.
Anything with a flying pig hanging over the entrance HAS to be amazing.

Dairy Stop #1

Think our group circled this 'tasting table' about 3x each.

Dairy Stop #2

Coming home... life-fulfillment... amazement... delight...
all emotions I felt as I rolled up to my personal Mecca
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory.
Are you kidding me?!
 As you can tell, I was clearly too busy looking at and eating ice cream to take any photos. 
But the memory is forever imprinted on the section of my heart that is never, never too full for more B&J, B&R, or JP.