Friday, December 21, 2012

Boston Update

Beautiful Boston

New Church Calling
I was recently asked to serve as my church's new Regional Young Single Adult Co-Chair for New England. This area is comprised of 12 stakes in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. 
This calling from my church has a "mission statement" so to speak of striving to create an environment in the New England Region which facilitates transition from youth programs into the Young Single Adult program, foster retention and reactivation efforts among current Young Single Adults, and encourage invitations to other Young Single Adults in the area who are not yet members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
{See what I believe!}

It is a little intimidating to think of the span of area I've been asked to help watch over. But I am so grateful for the service opportunities I am afforded through my membership in the Church. I have found peace and purpose through this calling even in the short time with which I've served and have a co-chair, also recently called, to serve with me who seems very kind and capable.
Here we go!

Fall 2012
-Aural Rehabilitation  -Physiology, Acoustics and Perception of Speech
-Voice Disorders  -Externship as a Reading Specialist

Happy Thanksgiving!
Dinner   out , then pecan pie Friday afternoon.
No such thing as a day-late pie.

Little Loves
-baby uggs  -pigs  -family texts

Christmas Prep
It's been a tough season @ moments for some of us.
The man in the red suit took it pretty hard it would appear, but with a pile of mail-room deliveries like that it's no wonder. Luckily, the next day as I drove by he was back on his feet. Just needed a little breather. Don't we all ;)

New Hampshire
Day trip to cut down our own Christmas trees

I was an excellent Axe-holder, but felt like my true purpose lay more along these lines:
*Snow Angel*

 8 trees
(if you're doubting, its cus Becca and I did a freaking amazing job w/ the twine and we made them ├╝ber compact)


Let's start the new year off right folks