Saturday, July 27, 2013

Flash Update

Obviously haven't blogged in a while. Here's a super quick flash update just to catch those interested up to speed. Enjoy~
Clinic in the Aphasia Center ended.
Had some wonderful missionary moments and sweet memories with clients.

Goodbye's & 
Brunch @ my client's house

Enjoyed the blossoms...

 Took and PASSED the Praxis,
(Carolina's "good luck" morning of)
 and my comprehensive exams... "lovingly" called COMPS
Such. A. Huge. Deal.

Grudgingly said goodbye to Mel (she's off to AZ)
 I love that our very last memory night before leaving was this...

Strawberry Picking* with Lauren & Alex

Went home...

Day @ Knights Ferry w/dad and the boys

 Shopping in SF with mama
It had been 6 years since we'd gone just the two of us to spend the night!

~Soaked in my Sunset Fields~

 Ky Ky's B-day party :)

And Ty + I went to the Temple!
So beyond special to go together and with all out grandparents, some aunts and uncles and sweet friends Brad and Kylie.

 Fought and WON a ridiculous ticket I got when the fam was out visiting for graduation.

 Oh yeah...

This is pretty much how I felt the whole time the fam was here :)
[Head over to mama's blog for lots more grad photos and a run down of all we did while they were visiting]

Fell in love with being outside in summer --- day or night

Finally went to Mt. Auburn Cemetery ...

... and bought a map. Two bucket list items - check!

 Trying to rein in my obsession with salmon and watermelon.

 Loving and wrapping up my final placement @ an elementary school.

And getting back to sewing :)