Friday, June 22, 2012

Everything is Beautiful


Some photos I messed around with showing
bits of Boston and around campus grounds.

 Was waitin' for ma girls the other night on their porch, and Mel shows up with a ginormous stuffed bear. "Naturally"I think to myself. "Of course she would."

~How I know I've spent a successful and wonderful evening with Mel~

My first Internship 
This is the little boy who reminds me (daily) that I have "puwple ha-ya."
 Back yard BBQ's


 Allison had a little beef with an x boyfriend...
so we ceremoniously
burned all his letters. hehehe. (Photo above
right.) Awesome. Love this girl. 
Hate that she's moving away from me.

And finally ~ I made my first loaf of Banana bread. 
I was ridiculously proud.

I'm living a beautifully charmed life out here in Boston.
Sure school's hard, but I have been sooooo blessed with friends and fun things to pretty well distract me from the harder things in life. 

-summer BBQ's 
-life with pink hair
-holding hands with a good man
-walks to JP licks w/ Ms. Mitton
-surviving a heat wave w/ wet hair and a fan
-walking around the city
-sunsets on the porch

Everything is Beautiful