Saturday, November 6, 2010


Saturdays are my shopping days.
I could seriously spend hours in Sunflower Market.
Today's creation was trail mix.
This is a happy concoction for me because it involves three essential ingredients...nuts, fruit and chocolate.
I used:
~banana chips
~Ghiradelli dark chocolate chips
Hard to go wrong there.

Tomorrow's experiment???
Chocolate Walnut Meringue Cookies
{I'm teaching my first R.S. lesson tomorrow, so I'm hoping that bringing a treat for the girls will make the whole experience all just a little sweeter}


  1. I love meringue cookies, that sounds really good to add the nuts. Your trail mix sounded good too. We have been experimenting with pumpkin recipes at Juliet's and my favorites were pumpkin pecan waffles with cranberry butter and a pumpkin cheesecake with a ginger snap crust. Yum!

  2. What! Your teaching RS. WOW! Your lessons are bound to be memorable.

    Val Nees

  3. Neat photo...and I'm glad it all turned out so well!

  4. Yum. I've never met a trail mix I didn't like.