Thursday, June 16, 2011


My brain is bigger.
I swear it.
If you measured it today compared to what it was two weeks would HAVE to have increased in size.
All thanks to the AMAZING education of

Today for anatomy class we met off campus at
Mass General's Center for Laryngeal Surgery
and Voice Rehabilitation.
They have one of the, if not THE, largest
facilities in the world devoted to vocal rehabilitation
and recovery, etc.
Today we used spirometry to trace, calculate, analyze our own
Inspiration & Expiration.
{I love that breathing in is called "Inspiration"}
I figured it was a good sign that I was really excited to go to school today because I love what I'm learning. Very hands-on.

During class my teacher just casually drops,
"Yeah, I used to have Steve Tyler's test, but I think somebody stole that." Well, I wasn't just ganna casually accept that he said that and stay quiet (like everybody else seemed content to do!). So...I did what I always do...I asked a question!
"Wait, so when you say Steve mean the Steve Tyler?! What was he doing here?!" The teacher then had fun telling us funny things Steve does when he 'comes and visits' because apparently he's a huge supporter of their facility. They help him out a lot since, as you can imagine, Steve's vocal chords aren't exactly in the best condition.
Turns out quite a few celebrities go there. They had pictures of Julie Andrews, Cher, lead singer in 'The Who', etc up on the wall.
I love learning from these professionals who work in such renowned facilities.
~That has been truly inspiring~


  1. So awesome. I participated in a lot of "inspirations" today at my voice lesson, too. :) Isn't learning just awesome? Maybe we could start texting in IPA. Oh, wait. The iphone probably doesn't have that capability yet.

  2. love it. So glad you are loving what you are learning. So glad you are loving Boston. The only thing i am not so glad about is that you are so far away!

  3. I love hearing about your adventures, you are having a truely great experience.