Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stokes Manse

Last weekend I went to Stokes Manse.
(Marilyn Stokes has a little sign of that out front of her home)

We had basil, tomato and mozzarella sandwiches on homemade wheat bread. Then I took a tour of the beautiful old and renovated house. We took a walk around the grounds then picked raspberries and blueberries out on their land!!! Marilyn has this 'system' where she hangs the basket around her neck, puts a glove on one hand to push back the thorny bushes then has the other hand free to pick the little berries.
Then she taught me the proper way to freeze them.
I have been obsessed with fruit parfaits and the berries make them so special cus I actually picked them myself! Straight from nature
~~~Thank you Stokes Manse~~~


  1. It was so fun!! I am so glad you are enjoying your berries. We went blueberry picking this morning up in Ashburnham and got about 12 pounds. So you will have to come back for blueberry buckle!

  2. Count me in on that blueberry buckle party whenever it happens! I bet it feels so great to live close to Marilyn, Annie.