Friday, June 22, 2012

Everything is Beautiful


Some photos I messed around with showing
bits of Boston and around campus grounds.

 Was waitin' for ma girls the other night on their porch, and Mel shows up with a ginormous stuffed bear. "Naturally"I think to myself. "Of course she would."

~How I know I've spent a successful and wonderful evening with Mel~

My first Internship 
This is the little boy who reminds me (daily) that I have "puwple ha-ya."
 Back yard BBQ's


 Allison had a little beef with an x boyfriend...
so we ceremoniously
burned all his letters. hehehe. (Photo above
right.) Awesome. Love this girl. 
Hate that she's moving away from me.

And finally ~ I made my first loaf of Banana bread. 
I was ridiculously proud.

I'm living a beautifully charmed life out here in Boston.
Sure school's hard, but I have been sooooo blessed with friends and fun things to pretty well distract me from the harder things in life. 

-summer BBQ's 
-life with pink hair
-holding hands with a good man
-walks to JP licks w/ Ms. Mitton
-surviving a heat wave w/ wet hair and a fan
-walking around the city
-sunsets on the porch

Everything is Beautiful


  1. Everything is beautiful. Including you. XOXO

  2. 1) Will you check out that tan I've got going on in the beach photo? Awesome.

    2) That's an excellent shot of the letters burning. McCall got some great ones too.

  3. Boyfriend!!!! When do we get to meet him. By the way, we are moving into your stake in 3 weeks! I have been packing like crazy and so busy but Janae's older boys are coming next week to help. We must get together soon, when can you come out before we leave the old homestead?