Sunday, September 2, 2012

Home Grown

My Miss Mitton left me to move to Seattle. Ganna miss that girl. She was a huge part of my Boston home life. 

Turlock welcomed me perfectly with this sight

Day trip to the city with mama and daddy-o. 
Visited Chase's new apt. Then they let me go snap-happy experimenting with my camera. 
So much to learn.

 Went to a fantastic fish restaurant, then spent the last of the evening on the wharf. 


 ~Snapshots of home~

 {daddy gave mama a bouquet of her favorite flowers for their 29th anniversary. the last 15 min of his lunch break went down about like this}

Brumsy's games

 Who needs Santa's workshop when you've got Grandpa's?

 Regular home activities ...

(Never fails, my being home marks when it's time to bathe the beast again. she doesn't know it, but she's happier when she's clean.)

Thanks for being awesome, home.



  1. I just can't leave this as "no comments" for long! I love your photography, Annie. So fun to see Chase and your parents. My favorite SF shots are the GG Bridge (does that bridge have a "bad" angle?), and the wood ones--the planks and the one of the pier with the golden sunlight shining in from the right. So lovely--you and your pictures and the world.

  2. You look so gorgeous- just like you always have. Your hair is so long and beautiful! If you ever want to visit Chicago- you have a place to stay! Glad you got to take a trip home- sure miss the Central Valley!

  3. Email me those photos of us?

    Goodness, I miss you.

  4. What kind of camera did you get? Lovely pictures of San Francisco!