Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Snow Days*

A new appreciation for, "The calm before the storm."

 Sleep tight! Wake up to...

... Snowy Wonderland*

There are two cars underneath there. I know...

Tried to trapse over to my car to see the damage. 
{Daddy recommended I shovel off as much snow as possible before it got icy}

Making it down the steps and to the street was nothing short of a miracle. 

WELL over knee deep,
 so I didn't even attempt the impossible.
(Or what I thought was impossible. See below~)

 I walked over to a friends house on semi-cleared and fully deserted roads. Then planned to stay pretty much tucked safely inside in sweats reading this A-Mazingly adorable book a friend brought over the day before, "In preparation for the storm" he said. Helps when you know awesome people~

But back to "The Impossible --- or not so impossible" task of clearing the snow*  

 I like to think I helped. But really it was ALL my guy friends who insisted they come over and dig us out that night, cus to wait till Monday would be a disaster. They did things I could never, would never do in clearing out the snow. Plus, they'd already dug out their own home and another friend's home. I was prepared to just let nature take its course and pray we'd have a miraculous heat wave of 80 degrees and all the snow would magically melt off and away. 

We took a dinner/pizza break after the first 2.5 hrs, (small payment for what they'd done), then they went back out to finish the job.

We DID manage to have a little fun, though. 

It's not every day you get to:
~ Shovel yourself out of Blizzard 2013, feeling like you've finally earned the right to say, "I know" when people tell you about Boston winters.
~ Shimmy through a snow-tunnel in your drive way. Thank you Matt.
~ Finally meet 3 of your neighbors, after you've been living somewhere for 2 years.
~ Drive a cop car after he gets stuck in front of your house and asks you to drive as everyone else pushes.
~ Subsequently be told by your little brother, "You can just die now," because in his book, my life has reached it's pinnacle of purpose now that I've driven a cop car.
~ Hold church in your friends' apartment when church is canceled. Thank you Bishop.
~ Realize how grateful you are to see a side walk, steps, your car, or that the heat hasn't shut off, yet.

~What a difference a day makes~

Happy Snow Days*


  1. I love this so so much.
    You know.

  2. Hello AM's blog! I have to laugh at the "What a difference a day makes" photo knowing that my car might not see the light of day until May :)

  3. WOW. I had no idea it was that crazy up there. It looks like long as that heat stays on. You have awesome friends to help dig you out like that. And you can tell whichever brother (Ty?) gave you permission to die that there are, in fact, adventures yet to come...maybe even greater than that cop car. Stay warm!