Monday, March 11, 2013

keep in contact

Woke up with the thought of, "I really really don't want to go to work today." I'd actually been woken up from a dream that I was two hours late for my first client; that I was still at home at noon when I'm supposed to see them at 10 am. Sometimes I get anxious...

Point being, the saving thought was, "I'll just text mama that I'm planning to keep in contact today cus I miss her and she'll be a nice distraction to all I have to do today." Turns out it was one of those, 'you- think-you- pressed-send' texts where you open your phone 4 hours later and see you never actually pressed send. Awesome.

Had a session with one client who was sharing with a fellow clinician the ages of her kids. And I realized I'm really close in age to her daughter. Fast forward a few hours to when I'm making dinner tonight and actually have time to my thoughts. It suddenly just struck me how my clients' aphasia wasn't just a loss to her. It was a huge loss to her daughter, or at least it would be to me if it was my mama.

She can't really talk with her mom anymore. I mean, she can talk TO her, but not really WITH her cus her mama can't say more then a few words back... and they're usually the same words selected from a very small word bank.

Particularly poignant given my first few thoughts of the day. I didn't wanna have anything to do with all I had to do, but felt like if I was at least texting mama all through the day I'd feel like my life wasn't being sucked into a giant "task-fest" and there was still life on the other side :)

Love you mama

'Keep in contact'

This is Mama speaking.  I can't express anything quite the way
you do. So, I just snuck in on your blog and added
these two photos. 
I'm so glad that you're my daughter.
And not a day goes by that I don't think that. 


  1. As a Mother of a daughter- I know how hard it is having a daughter so far away. I'm sure your Mother's heart was lifted hearing reading your post....sometimes just hearing that you want to keep in touch is all it takes. Texting is wonderful =)

  2. I love you both. A perfect pair.