Tuesday, August 12, 2014

17 days and counting...

I took a little hiatus from this blog countdown.

17 days!

I have this photo as my laptop screen saver.
In the clinic, my computer is on the desk and my kids like to look at it.

Humor of the day. . .

One of my kids and I were talking about 'best friends'.
I asked him if he wanted to see MY best friend, and showed him this photo.

Him: "Why are you so tiny?", squishing his fingers together.
Me: "Well, he's just really tall. Like this", holding my hand above my head.
Him: "Where did you get him?"
Me: "My cousin"

He then moved on to interest in toy guns.
Apparently the topic was thoroughly discussed.

Humor of last week . . . 
(different client. Sweet teenage Autistic boy)

Him: "That's a man"
Me: "Yup, that's a man"
Him: "That's a woman"
Me: "Yup, that's a woman"
Him: "He's tall"
Me: "He is very tall"
Him: "Play checkers"
Me: "Ok, let's play checkers"

It's refreshing, how matter-of-fact he is.

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  1. Sweet sweet conversations. I always love reading your perspective on life's moments.