Thursday, April 29, 2010

College "Co-Ed" no more

For years, Grandpa Rowan seems to have always greeted me by saying, "Hey Anne, how's my college co-ed?" For a while I was like, what the heck does that mean?! I eventually just asked him~
Well Grandpa...this college co-ed has gRaduAtEd!
Daddy literally lifted me up on this ledge so I could
get a cute photo in my robe.
Felt like a little kid at that moment,
one who still gets piggy back rides from her daddy,
or plays dress-up in her mama's prom dresses.
~not this grown person graduating college~
These two people have both time and time again
lifted me up on ledges,
then stood back and watched me shine.
May not always be a kid,
but I will always have my mama and daddy.


5 Cousins!!! Felt like such a party.

~The Rowans~

~The Hyers~

~The Laughs~
Everyone kept saying
"Wait, just one more, just one more. Hold on!"
Out of the corner of his mouth Spence says,
"Just 6 more minutes, just 6 more minutes!"
We live right across the street from each other.
As dad and Ty joke,
"What's the best kind of prize? A surprize!"
Surprise Sunday visits from Spence were always prizes.

Ty-boy's like my best friend.
Can't help but play when we're together.
*Love you Brumsy*
Call, sweet boy, couldn't be at my first ceremony
because of a job interview, but ran
there, literally, from his apt. and brought me
flowers as we were walking out.
*Love you dudes*
Chase was able to catch us the next day for breakfast,
and for a rival game of BYU (my school) v. Utah (his).
Seeing as how it was my graduation, my school won!
*Je t'aime mon frere*

~Forever Friends~
And lastly Ky Ky, as one of my 'special' friends
from forever, came to see me "walk".
The memories we share from a lifetime of sisterhood...
books could not hold them all.
As we have said to each other for years,
"I wonder where I'd be right now if I didn't know you."
I'm glad I do know you Ky.
*Love you forever*

I may not always be a kid,
or a college co-ed,
...but I will always have my family.

I am so grateful for the education I received from BYU
and the support and love from my family
the whole way through.


  1. Loved this post and love you too! And hey, my pic with you even made it to your main blog photo...I'm honored! hehe! Fun to read your blog. You're a great writer!

  2. what a wonderful happy time. congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations!!! That is very awesome. You make a beautiful graduate. And, as usual, I am so glad that you have a blog so that I can see Spencer's life occasionally. I need to talk to my family about that.

  4. Anne Marie that was a wonderful post! The picture of you and Kylie is so beautiful and so sweet. Congratulations college graduate!

  5. Congratulations Anne Marie! I loved the pictures of everyone.