Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Final Tribute to Peru

The mountains are formed from volcanos
so they are so steep, so sheer, and so high.
Hike at Pisac.
All the lines are storage houses cut into the mountain.
Who knew the Incas knew they were supposed to have a
2+ food storage supply.
Out on a ledge overlooking the valley.
See me?!
Who could resist praying with a view like this?
Michelle refused to take this photo for us
cus she said it was too dangerous.
After Half Dome's Diving Board, this was child's play.
Got yelled at in Spanish for this photo. I was like,
"Ok, so thousands of years of rain, wind, storms, and sun,
and you're worried about ME hurting these ruins? Oookaaayy."
Michelle, Carlie and I enjoying fresh squeezed
Orange juice at the base of the hike.
The program director with her son
eating the biggest ear of corn I've ever seen.
In Peru they grow hundreds of types of corn
and thousands of varieties of potatoes.
We had a lot of each.
Stopped at a cute buffet for lunch.
Naturally, Car and I are laughing at something
hilarious Lynley said.
Plenty of flowers, birds and llamas in the buffet garden.
Then there were these pots...
So I saw these and was like, "Ok, something has to be
done with these. Way too tempting."
So I started scheming how to get inside of one.
Step 1: examine the perimeter for spidersStep 2: channel my inner Pilates with a modified plank
Step 3: shimmy backwards inside the giant pot
(never thought I'd have to do that)Step 4: smile and pray it doesn't break. Ha!

More Ruins!
I think my thought here was,
"I really just climbed all these stairs at this elevation?"

Then the last day finally came :(
Carlie and I scheduled our flight one day later than
everyone else by accident so...
what to do with a whole day in Lima, Peru?
Eat, talk, sit in the park and get kisses from the cutest little
boy with his parents, eat gelato, and look out at the ocean.
All conveniently at an outdoor mall in Miramar.
Rough, I know.

Overall, I left this journey with a feeling that the Lord
truly spent a little extra time giving the people of Peru
a beautiful part of the world to live in.

The fabrics, the faces, the mountains, the clouds, the sky...
all like sweeping paint across the canvas of the Earth.
What a blessing to experience the beauty of a place
where I felt only a Supreme Being could create such an
expression of beauty and love for His world and children.

A sense of peace that can't be expressed is felt
as I have traveled the countries of this world and seen
first hand the gentle and grand creations of One
who shares His love with his children through
light, color, texture, and design.

~We are all so blessed to be loved by such a one as this~


  1. This was such a cute, funny, and beautiful post. I had to send your link to Brenda so she could see the 'modified Pilates' moves out of/into the pot! You are one bright and fun girl. Who knew Peru was soooo gorgeous??

  2. You are such a kick. I still can't believe how beautiful it is there.

  3. I can't help but remember your posts about your hikes in Ghana and how this high mountain climate contrasts so distinctly with the rain forests of Africa. And I love those terraces--they are great places for rows of crops.