Saturday, May 29, 2010

French Toast and Music

Our day was originally planned as our first 'us' day where we could go shopping, etc. However, this morning we were asked to stay on campus and help with the final preparations. The kids come tomorrow!
So, we put on our mixture of half American clothes/half Indian clothes and walked to school. Everyday we pass the cows just chillin' in the yard grazing. I don't think I've ever been so close to cows except at like the fair and behind a fence. Strange.
This is where the workshop has been...the front entrance of the school. These men have been building shelves, tables, bookcases, painting, wiring, etc and of course leaving trash everywhere that we have been blessed to pick up...classic construction workers.
This is the American version of a welcome back to school sign on the black board...
...and this is the Indian version, with the artist herself.
A little more flowery, no?
Oh, and then the dreaded sorting of the laundry. There were boxes and boxes of donated dresses, shorts, shirts, underwear and just clothes everywhere. It was wonderful to see all that has been given, but there was a point (I think this might have been it) where I was like, "no, just no. I am so done with this work." And we had piles to go. But...the kids come tomorrow and they each get a few new outfits, so it had to be done. Soren brought in his ipod and turned on the music and that seriously saved us all. It was so fun.

Ok, so the movie. We were in the kitchen cooking dinner for Eliza's birthday when we heard thunder. We all got excited and were like, "ok, nobody get excited cus rain would just be too good to be true. No way." But a few minutes later I went outside and saw little drops on the concrete. Oh my word, I have never been so excited. I was like, "Guys! There are drops!"
So, they all ran outside and we decided it was appropriate to do a little rain dance in the middle of the courtyard. Oh, and we're in the most random tub like thing. It has a faucet but no drain's not quite a pool but not quite a pond. It's just random.
Soren, the boy in the movie, was like "Do you think it'll fill up?" I just looked at him and said, "Let's not get carried away." And it's good we didn't. Didn't get past the first tiny drops, but it was still fun.
And then there was french toast. Whenever daddy makes it I can never handle more then one piece. But seeing as how we hadn't had American food in over a week, we took all we could get. Plus, there was fresh fruit salad, with mango! And... homemade syrup. Everything is homemade here I swear. And this is Kristin, one of our session directors. Sweetest most awesome girl. Told me and Heather all about her life while we were driving home on our 5 hr. drive. She's been a nanny in Australia, a flight attendant, a director for RSO, etc. Inspiration~
Then, we all crowded around Lauren's computer to look at her bridal photos and cast our votes.
Today was just a day full of little American touches, the best being french toast, music, and straight hair, since normally I braid it.

{Random photos I've taken that might be entertaining}
Our view from our two star hotel this past weekend. The fact that I was impressed they had AC and a sitting toilet, yet not surprised they didn't supply toilet paper, says something about my current mindset.
Dosa. A rice and wheat creation they eat for any meal. Always served with spicy dipping sauces, eaten with your hands and just ripped like a tortilla to eat. Here you have to specifically ask for silverware, otherwise it's just expected you'll eat with your hands. And many of the restaurants are vegetarian, for religious reasons. So, when we were eating at one of the restaurants on our trip, one of the volunteers took out some chicken from the previous nights meal to eat and put the bones on the plate. Dr. Kumar leaned over and told her she should take them off the plate because people were looking. They don't even like any part of an animal to come in contact with their serving ware, ever.
When we went in this store to get some ice cream they asked us to remove our shoes. You'll see piles of shoes on the doorstep of homes and shops, even hotel rooms.
Today was a good day, but I definitely definitely needed the American food, music, gym time, straight hair, etc. to bring back some familiarity and routine, even if my new routine has become easier with each day.


  1. LOVE all of the random shots. Skinniest cow ever...that moped filled to the brim! Rain dance was awesome. Your commentary (sitting toilet, no TP) at least shows there is a sense of humor intact. Hahaha regarding the difference in welcome signs on the chalkboard. Just everything...learning about the culture variances is so fascinating. For one who loves an agenda and a "to do" list (you)...I can tell the non-stop workload is exhausting. I believe the intense emotional nature of the work you are doing combined with the heat has something to do with that!! Glad at least for a bit of mental "vacation" today, and hope you get that day for some exploration soon! Good luck with the kids coming! That will be wonderful...

  2. I loved the "dying under mountains of children's clothing shots" best. I should take one of those of my current laundry situation and post it to my blog just to be dramatic.

    Welcoming kids to school will be a fun job. You'll have to tell us all about it.