Monday, May 31, 2010

Mamallapuram Madness

So today we finally got our long ago promised and much needed day to ourselves to play. Our directors, Amy and Sarah, rode with us in our van to Mamallapuram, a city about an hour and a half away from wherever the heck I am. It's just got tons of shops and lots to see and do.
First stop...fabric store, of course
Soren's like our adopted little brother here and he and I had fun picking out funky fabric so this nice guy to our left could make us parachute pants. Yes, they are ridiculous, but they call them Alibaba pants here and we figured no matter how hideous they turned out it was ganna be worth the $7 memory!
Magic carpet anyone???
Amazingly, he got them both done on this little machine.
Then, lunch at Moonrakers...where I discovered that when you order a 'Slice' it is actually mango juice without any fiz. huh.

~~~Bay of Bengal~~~
Some people didn't want to get in because getting the sand off would be too hard.
Forget that! If I'm coming all the way to this part of the world and freakin' standing in front of the Bay of Bengal/Indian Ocean, I'm getting at least some part of me in it!
Ratha Ruins
We met this guy who said his name was 'Little Buddha' and even though he was super annoying, just trying to get us to buy his stuff, he did offer to take our photos. So...that was a plus. And the fact that his name was Little Buddha.

Krishna's Butter Ball
I guess scientifically there's no reason this huge rock should be sticking to this slanting slope like it does. So, it's famous.
Then, tonight after dinner and showers we had a little photo swap party.
Personally, I'm just a fan of Soren's face. Looks about right for a 17 yr old right?
Unfortunately, our kids were all asleep after we got home so we'll see them tomorrow.
Remember the man in the corner from my post entitled
"Fill in the Blanks?"
The one who was by himself and I walked over to him
and attended to his hands?
Someone surprised me during the photo swap and had
taken a photo without me knowing. Yeah!


  1. We have been away for Memorial Day. So wonderful to learn of the past days. What a gift to have a photo of this sweet man you felt drawn to. Just like you to not miss an opportunity and decide to get your feet wet regardless! All of that fabric looks gorgeous...hope you purchased some that you can do pillow covers with or something! Love that red sewing machine and can't wait to see the new pants! Glad you went for it! What a fun day...

  2. Hi Anne Marie! Just saying howdy again from UUUTAAHH! Thats supposed to be a drawn out accent...=)
    Yes, I agree, can't wait to see the pants!

  3. Oh...and what a wonderful moment to capture in the picture you got from the picture swap. I love taking pictures. I love looking back at a picture and feelings actually come back to me as if I were there again.
    Anyhow...I just love that you are keeping up this blog.

  4. It is amazing how every country in our beautiful world is so pretty! I loved that sewing machine, I want to see you in your new alibaba pants though.

  5. I'm glad you got a day off. I love your glowing rosy faces.

  6. I just found your blog and spent the last 45 minutes reading it! I am in awe of you and the work you are doing in India. I am so impressed with your love and compassion. Looking forward to seeing your many adventures!

  7. Hello again. No I am NOT stalking you. Ok maybe a little. BUT this time I am just telling you to read MY BLOG. You will see why =)

  8. I am glad that you get to see the beautiful parts of the country. I notice you are the one with the earrings - interesting! I love the pictures and know that you are making that place a little better by being there and having such a kind spirit of love with you. Love, marsha