Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's get together...

...and party!

I'm back in Utah and some of my sweet friends,
knowing I'm in my apt. alone till the roommies come back for school,
have invited me to get together with them and play.
Sally had a dinner party at her house.
We all sat on pillows around a table mat on the ground.
Green salad, fruit salad, baked sweet potatoes and scones.
Then Linds got married!
Lindsay and I lived in VP appartments together two years ago.
Ironically, she and Joe just bought a house that is quite literally "a stones's throw" from my place. I can look out my window and see their back porch where we sometimes hang out and talk because their AC is non-existent.
That's ok. India toughened me up against heat.
Hailey and I drove up to Draper to spend a little bit of time with our childhood friend Christy on her 24th birthday. Her sister took us and all 5 of her kids to John's Incredible Pizza, where we ate, rode go-carts, and just caught up. If it's your birthday you are 'required' to wear the bigyellow sticker that says "It's My Birthday!" so everyone can wish you a happy birthday over and over. Not surprisingly, it did just that. Yeah Christy!
Childhood friends like that just know you to the soul.
No explanations, no hesitations, no secrets.
Ooh, then I was invited to go Friday night with friends to the Jack Johnson concert in S.L.
Marin, Me, Kate and Brandon.
I didn't realize this, but Usana Stadium is outdoors.
A perfect summer night with chill beach music on a night of a meteor shower was just too fun.
Funnily enough, I was explaining to Hailey Thursday how I was going to the Jack Johnson concert and I didn't even have any of his music because for some reason I just wasn't the biggest fan. She thought it was funny I was even going, but I just wanted to give it a try and see what he was like live, and just get together with friends if nothing else.
He was SO good!
Totally changed my opinion of him. Needless to say, I will shortly own his newest CD.

Thanks friends for all the fun get-togethers!


  1. I know how you like to be busy!! I'm glad you've had fun in your will soon take over!

  2. I was so disappointed when Janae didn't have a picture of you guys on her blog, I am so glad you did, it was so cute and so nice of you guys to go up and celebrate with her. All the other stuff you did looked fun too, I liked that wedding dress.

  3. finally we can listen to some jack in the apt. dont get the CD i have it! its amazing!

  4. I am SOOOOOOOO jealous you went to see Jack live. He's on my concert list. Love the header!