Saturday, August 21, 2010


So, do you ever have those moments in your family
where you ask yourself...why?

I found some old photos. Good examples of the
many many times I've asked myself 'why' through the years.
Why do brothers like to scare their sisters?
Why did dad used to make us wear zink-oxide
on our noses?
Why do we think we're funny?
Why the cup of water to the face?
Always with the splashing.
Why do I love this boy so much?
Why would one think to do this?
Why is this fun?
Why bagpipes?
Why didn't I think of this particular photo-op?
Why not?

I stopped asking why a long time ago...
and just joined in with the laughter.
Except when I ask myself.
"Why am I so dang blessed with the best family ever?!"


  1. WHY are you so cute!?? Love the pics.

  2. Good question (last one)! I am just sad I don't live by you guys anymore and get to hang out with you. I had so much fun when I came earlier this year. The photos were great, and funny!

  3. The best. It's true. Love these photos. And my favorite is. . . drumroll . . .little Ty with the bagpipes!

    I love all the laughter in these photos. What a good feeling to laugh together with family.

  4. That photo of Call hanging out on the bottom of the pool just cracks me up. Call. Truly one of a kind. And aren't we glad??? These were all fun.

  5. P.S. Dad used to make you wear zinc-oxide because HIS dad used to make HIM wear zinc-oxide. Haha!