Saturday, September 11, 2010


Grandma and Grandpa, before they knew about their surprise party, went to a bit of effort to schedule a breakfast so they could see as many grandkids as they could while they were in Utah. So, just a few days after the party, a small group of us got together as a little encore to a few evenings before. We met for breakfast at Magleby's and we all had bottomless french toast. That was a joke since anyone who can finish one whole plate, (and I'm pretty sure cousin Matt did), would be crazy to go back for seconds. However, the buttermilk syrup is perfection so it's tempting.
Afterwards, I took this photo with my grandma...
and was kinda shocked when I looked at it. I have never before noticed how very much I look like her. At least I think I do.
Our smiles are like identical,
our coloring is similar,
and I really like it!

~Yeah for family~


  1. When I pulled up the photo of you and Grandma, my thought was: Wow, Marie is so much like her mom. I love it when we see ourselves in our family. Grandma/Mom/Ann Marie.

  2. We need to scan and post that photo of Grandma on her freezer in Merced! Wowza! That one really looks like me....I'm sure the older you get the more you will see signs of your Rowan DNA. I also see bits of G-ma Hyer in you....your legs, your height, and your love.

  3. I love it when I realize that I have similar characteristics with my grandma. Perhaps it gives me hope that I'm on my way to being good . . .

  4. OK, so I just did the same thing on Rachael's blog! I left that last comment when I was signed into my husband's account and now I don't know how to get back into it to erase that last one. When will I get it together.