Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary

My Uncle Rick & Aunt Debi threw my grandparents a surprise Anniversary party tonight in Springville, Utah at the new Magleby's Restaurant.
Grandma thought it was their 61st.
Grandpa thought it was their 62nd.
I said, "Well, once you hit 60, the numbers get kinda fuzzy."
He said, "Anne, at my age, a lot of things get kinda fuzzy!"
~Love them~
Before dinner we just sort of hung out together.
We had the whole basement to ourselves for our little family party.
Cousin Grant with his niece, Ava.
She was 'washing' her toy dogs in the fountain.
Cousin Karin, recently returned from Philadelphia where her
new husband BEN
was interning for the summer.
SO glad she is back...and yes, we already picked up on our three year(+) tradition of Tuesday night ice cream this past Tuesday.

Then, Grandpa made the rounds in conversation with the family members.
Ann (wife of cousin Jamin)
Cousin Rob, grandpa, my brother Call, and cousin Ganon.
Cousin Grant with his daughter, Monet
Karin and Ben Meyers
Karin got a free cake with a bow on it because her dish was the last to come out and the manager felt bad. I offered to give her my half eaten dish of pasta and said I would wait for the late food (and free cake) but apparently she wasn't interested in the trade.
Jamin and Ann
Cousin Lyn and I
(She recently changed her hair to an Auburn and it's so pretty)
Then Grandpa stood up and said he wanted to give a 'speech.'
It was sweet and we were laughing, then they got tender and I realized I should be recording it. So here's the last little snippet...
What a blessing to be a part of such a family and heritage.
We had 19 in total:
Uncle Rick
Aunt Debi
Cousin Rob
His daughter Ava
Cousin Ganon
Cousin Grant
His wife Hayley
His daughter Monet
Cousin Matt
Cousin Lyn
Cousin Jamin
His wife Ann
Cousin Chase
Cousin Call
Cousin Karin
Her husband Ben
...and the rest of the family in spirit.
We missed you all!



  1. This is classic. I am so grateful that you took photos and made a little record of the evening. Hmmm. We must be related. And yes, truly a blessing to part of this family. I'm glad you recognize the goodness.

  2. P.S. That's so funny about Karin getting the free cake! When you and I were on the phone together and I was looking for the restaurant online...there were several comments about how FABULOUS the cake was...and Karin walks away with a HUGE chunk! Fun.

  3. What a fun night! How blessed you are to have such amazing grandparents.

  4. I love the part where he talks about praying for you. And Grandma chimed in "everyday". I'm a little touched thinking about how loyal they are to this family they created sixty-plus years ago.

  5. how wonderful. wish we could have been there!

  6. So nice, what a great family. Too bad your parents couldn't be there. It has been a long time since I have seen Jamin.