Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hold the Phone...

They've done it...
Provo has done the unthinkable...
They've rid my tuesdays of all that was special...
They've taken away dollar night at the local
Baskin Robbins!

It's almost painful to say it. After all...
Think of the memories:

Roommates say they know I'm out of town
when what is missing from the freezer?
Baskin Robbins
When family came into town, who was there?
Baskin Robbins
After a hard test, who was there?
Baskin Robbins
When roommates heart attacked my room,
what did one of the hearts say?
Baskin Robbins
When late night girl chats needed backup sustenance,
who was there?
Baskin Robbins
Congratulating me on a fantastic run, who was there?
Baskin Robbins
For family birthday cakes, who was there?
Baskin Robbins
Grandparents send me certificates every birthday
for 3 yrs. now to where?
Baskin Robbins
Introducing Tori to her first dollar scoop
EVER, from where?
Baskin Robbins
4 yrs and counting dollar nights w/Karin, where?
Baskin Robbins

Their only explanation?
New management
What the heck am I supposed to do on tuesdays now?!


  1. Somewhere I have a photo of me and my freshman roommate sitting on our dorm beds with both of us eating three large scoops of Baskin Robins ice cream. It's a great feeling as a mom to know I've passed something as worthwhile as ice cream appreciation on to my children...

  2. I never knew they had dollar nights, I guessed I really missed out? Was the SF cake from this year Baskin Robbins? Very cute blog.

  3. Marilyn...Yup, the SF cake was an ice cream cake from B&R. I knock myself out on those B-day cakes, let me tell ya.