Saturday, January 8, 2011


Summing up all the fun times over this holiday season with family, friends and food, "yummies" just seemed to the perfect word :)
BYU Basket ball game with Kates & co.
And then HOME
Foosball was pretty popular this holiday.
Ty dominated the game and infuriated his
two older brothers win after win after win!
I'd just sit on the leather chair and watch it all play out. I don't do stress and competition, so watching was fine with me~
Happy 16th Birthday brumsy.
Little Hayley on cookie day...
...and we're back to foosball.

Daddy-o was my buddy this holiday.
We spent so much time together: cooking, watching movies, running to the office for emergency patients (slyly grabbing a see's candy out of the staff room before we left!), watching food network shows, planning new meals to make then getting on line looking up cookware we wish we could buy, staying up together new years eve watching The Mentalist, reading church books by the portable space heater, etc.
My first 3-D movie, and it might be my last. It was so strange. My eyes were wigging out trying to focus. Some things might just be meant to stay in 2-D for me :)
This was our new years eve fancy dinner adventure.
Sage lemon chicken
Garlic roast potatoes
Petit pois (french for green peas)
We were pleasantly surprised at how good everything turned out, cus sometimes recipes look and seem great, then just aren't.

Swedish pancakes and Belgian waffles
courtesy of grandma & grandpa Rowan
The cousins trickled in and out all morning. Grandma cooked in that kitchen from 7 until 11:30 am!
It's such a unique feeling to just 'know' and love these people we call "Family". I'm so grateful every time we get together in groups to know I can be with every one of them for eternity.
"Bound each to each"
After taking this photo with grandpa I then got to show him how on the iphone 4 (which he actually has too!) you can hold the phone and take a picture of yourself by reversing the camera...
like this! He's so funny. Gets such a kick out of learning new things.
Then it was off to Aunt Ellen's to pick fresh oranges off their tree. Then over to Uncle Matt's for games in the back yard. Mama and I stood off to the side and watched and took photos. It seemed like a boys event, so we let our boys have their time :)
I looked over from where I stood taking photos to see mama standing in my exact same stance taking photos as well. Like mother like daughter! It's fun when your mama can be a style inspiration to you. She's so beautiful.
Genuinely my favorite photo of these two.
Then in the evenings we'd bring the beast in to sit on her little bed and get out of the cold. Honestly thought she was ganna scratch the door down some nights to get in. She just knows where the party's at and wants to come in too :)
~~~Thanks for being amazing HOME~~~


  1. looks like so much fun. i just love reading your posts anne marie. =)
    they put a smile on my face!

  2. Glad to see the fruits of your labor in trying out new recipes. They look as tantalizing as they must have tasted. A real feast for the eyes. :) Gotta love the Food Network! I frequent the food network so let me know if you ever need any more new recipes. I've got a ton!

    Val Nees

  3. I love that photo of my mom over the waffle iron. There's a scene that's emblazoned on my brain...You made me remember that fun interaction with my dad when you showed him how to take those photos. They are fun people, aren't they? And, thanks for calling me beautiful! Maybe all of my photos should be taken from 8 feet away! :) :)

  4. Great photos, what fun! Wonderful family!