Monday, March 7, 2011

MDT & Snails

My good friend Hailey Holtzclaw {Hay Hay} was in the MDT Showcase a week or so ago.
Ky and I both went with friends to support.
Hay Hay had a closing number that brought down the house.
So glad I have friends who have talents for dancing I never got so I can enjoy the activity vicariously through them and all their shows.
(Sorry for the lighting. It's theater!)
This is a little tribute to my 'snails.'
For any who don't know......
6 of us girls formed a group in elementary school called the 'Snails.'
-Kylie Falke
-Hailey Holtzclaw
-Augusta Bates
-Ashley Falzone
-Amanda Adams
We were inseparable and still get together often to catch up whenever we're in Turlock. We had a notebook Ky still has somewhere, a chant, and ceramic pins Ashley or Augusta made. We were so legit.
We have all tried to bring little trinkets home for each of the 'snails' whenever we travel abroad. You might be surprised just how not-difficult that actually is! I've managed to find things in France, Peru, Africa and Utah and Ky brought us all home a little glass snail from Italy!
Going to watch Ky Ky in Dance Sport in 1 week!
Go snail #2 (???)
(We all had numbers. Forget which one she was but I was #4. Oh the things you do when you're little.)


  1. ~Treasures that look like common stuff.~ (Brian Andreas)

    Somebody needs to explain to the lay man "out there" just HOW you all became known as the SNAILS. Haha!

  2. Oh, so cute. I seem to recall creating similar secret societies. The sillier the references the better--that's for sure. So glad you still get together with good girlfriends.

  3. Oh Anne Marie, I am so glad that your Mom sent me an email to alert me to this delightful post, as I admit that I haven't been frequenting the blogging world that much lately. It was so adorable and fun to read! You girls truly are so sweet with each other and so supportive to attend each others functions and performances. You "snails" really have stayed close and it really has been a lifelong society of friends. Thanks for sharing this fun post!

  4. Hey Anne Marie!
    I just recieved an email notification from your mom and I have been checking out your blog. It's breathtaking and inspiring! You amaze me. I am touched by your good works. Who would have thought playing "murder in the dark" as kids where life would take us. Life is amazing and I am glad to know you.

    Amanda (snail #3, i think...)