Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Night Fiasco

So we had a minor emergency.
Call cut his finger and took a little visit to the E.R.
We were both laughing when I showed up (at my second hospital of the night because there was a minor 'miscommunication'). After saying to the receptionist, "Um, I think my little brother is here?" I heard a voice from behind a curtain, "Anne Marie?" followed by a laugh. It was all a very calm experience...let's be honest...this wasn't Call's first trip to the E.R. for cuts and bruises. This little love isn't exactly known for his finesse.
He was very pleased to report that he hadn't gotten one drop of blood on his nice shirt or suit.
Said as soon as he cut himself with the knife he just looked at it and thought, "Hospital".
Has to come back in a few days if numbness doesn't go away so they can check for nerve damage. Oh dudes...
{On the phone with dad}
Before running out the door I grabbed a Luna bar as 'emergency food'.
(Anyone who knows me knows I always always have at least some form of 'emergency food' in my purse). Good thing, cus Call started to feel light headed and was pretty stoked when he scored today's emergency food options, "Caramel Nut Brownie" personal favorite.
We both thought it was fun to watch someone besides our Uncles stitch him up. I said, "Huh, seems funny not to have this be Uncle Steve or Uncle Kevin doing this." and Call said, "That's just what I was thinking!!" Seems like no family reunion is complete without one of the uncles on either side stitching at least one person up. Thank heavens for Dr.'s in the fam. date tonight was SOOO nice to come and pick me up all the way from the Orem hospital so I could leave Call my car since Whitney had his car.
~~~Never a dull moment with this brother~~~
Friday-Night-Fiasco turned FuN!


  1. Dad say's "Totin Chip" has failed two of his three boys so far." Mom say's "Our medical insurance has been worth it's weight in gold this last year...just on Call." You are the best sis...and pretty amazing you would think to take photos and blog it all. I hope there is no nerve damage...we'll see.

  2. P.S. I find it just a tad humorous that your previous post was entitled "Blood." And, it also had to do with Call. :)

  3. Haha, Marie, I was thinking the same thing about the two posts!! Great minds think alike I guess. :) Anne Marie, the photos were a good idea...even though they are kinda gros. It has been super great seeing you so much lately!! Love you, love your blog.

  4. Good thing he's not an orthodontist currently. Kris' hands are worth gold, aren't they!?!

    And good thing he has you around. Who wouldn't want Anne Marie to come around the corner of the hospital curtain in a moment of crisis!