Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Obviously mama and I went to D.C. & Boston in the same trip, it's just taken me a while to make separate posts cus they were very full and unique experiences in their own right.
George Washington University,
the first of many schools on our week-long trip to visit!
Behind me would have been "my" building.
They presented a very nice and comfortable open house and everyone we met was very kind.
~I was just way more excited and impressed with Boston~
The Smithsonian
We attempted to see as much as we could in just 4 short hours.
Trust me, you get lost in those museums. There is SO MUCH stuff to see and read and learn. Really an amazing public facility. It's a must-do-again-when-I-have-my-own-kids attraction.
We hit the Air & Space museum as well as the American History museum. Above is the historic 'Spirit of St. Louis' plane flown by Charles Lindbergh.
Below is the first plane to ever successfully be "in flight", made by the Wright brothers. A-mazing that it was right there! In a world where anything can be digitalized, virtualized, recreated, forged, mimicked, waxed, etc. it was crazy to be in these museums with the actual honest-to-goodness real things of so many items from history.
This was a big highlight for mama because years ago she was able to visit Kitty Hawk and has wanted to see the Wright brothers' famous plane ever since.
And I was super excited about seeing Lincoln's hat because I'm reading a book on him right now, Lincoln's Melancholy, and his memorial was my favorite of all we visited. I just have some "no real reason why" interest in him as a person.
Can't really see the excitement in my face because I was really hungry and tired and was just a little bit cranky. haha oops. Happens~
That's the actual suit he got painted in who knows how many times.
Seeing as how we had just visited GWU...seemed appropriate.

Julia Child's Kitchen
I'm pretty obsessed with food and cooking so this was for sure a highlight.
Enter..... CuPcaKes
So there's this show on TLC about a cupcake shop in Georgetown.
Naturally, we felt it was our duty as D.C. visitors and just chocolate loving women in general to grace this lovely little shop with our presence.
The daily line out the door speaks for itself. They give you a little menu with all the options for that day and mama and I took, I don't know, maybe about 30 seconds to zero in on the two most chocolate decadent choices offered. Pretty sure one of them was called "chocolate cubed" as in chocolate to the third degree.
The country seems to be in an all out craze with cupcakes as of late. Throughout our trip we continued to 'sample' these little treats wherever we found a shop, but some of them unfortunately went straight to the trash after only a bite. Not even close to D.C. cupcakes.
So if you're ever there, try them.
{We even bumped into the sister missionaries there! If that's not classic, I don't know what is}

~The CapiTAl and all the sites~
All these Elders were leaving the next day.
We just happened to be there the two weeks of the year the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom.
*Night* Tour
(My camera was wiggin' out in the photo above.)

Loved loved loved the Lincoln Memorial.
So stoic, grand, and clean. Mama and I felt reverence there.
WW2 memorial

It was a fabulous trip. All good and fun things to see all in
one little area.


  1. It is so lovely, our nation's capital.

    I (sniff, sniff) will stop feeling sorry for myself because you were so close to choosing a place just two hours from me. Mainly, I'm not sad because Boston is so great and I know you really felt that when you went.

  2. Yes, I am happy she chose Boston, it really is an incredible place, she will love it. DC is quite incredible too, so glad you got to visit both. I didn't know about the cup cake place, I am going next week and I think I need to check it out!