Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fabulous 50

Mama, Daddy and I went to my grandparents' beach home in Cambria.
Ty boy was dirt biking for the weekend with cousins so this last trip was a special time with just me and my parents. We celebrated:
Mama's 50th b-day
Me and daddy's 50 mile bike ride
{We joked that, in honor of her, we rode a mile for every year of her life.}

Of course we had to drop by for a visit before we left and before gma and gpa went on a long cruise. Mama has inherited her mothers' love for flowers.
Above: Me and grandma in her rose garden. We made sure to bring some home because if WE didn't enjoy them before we all left on our trips, then nobody would.
Below: me and daddy would find ourselves all of the sudden walking alone on the ranch, only to look back and see mama a few yards back, having veered off the path and busily photographing poppies all over the bluff.
Rock towers and tide pools
Every trip deserves a visit to The Sea Chest.
We used mama's b-day as an excuse to get dessert :)
We were all resting on the couch just looking out at the ocean when I swore I saw a whale spout. So we all jumped up, grabbed the binoculars and ran (literally) out to a point on the ranch to where we thought we could get the best view. You could totally see them without the binoculars they were so close, but it's cool to see all the up close detail too. Saw tons!

We planned for this ride for like 4 months.
The Wildflower Ride in San Luis Obispo

You can't tell, but there were about 2,000 fellow cyclists on this ride. Super popular and through a really nice open beautiful part of the valley. In many areas there were stretches of just vineyard after vineyard.
It was fun to roll into the pit stops, grab some power food like bananas and pretzels then get back on the bike and ride on!
Lots of 20 and 30 mile rides to get in shape=
lots of quiet hours in the country, just me and daddy-o.
~Beautiful rolling hills of San Luis, California~

Just one more thing to add to the wonderful
life long list of memories made in Cambria.


  1. I am so proud of you! Nice work on the 50 miler. You look like a profesh bike rider. :) I hate that you are so far away, but those pictures of your grandparents ranch/house are amazing. I'm just going to be bold here and say that I think you and I should make it a yearly tradition to go stay there for a week or something. What do you say? Love you! Oh, and ps, there are no blue, purple, pink, green or any other colors of toilets in the new place. Just boring old white. :(

  2. Memories, I wish I could see all those beautiful places again, I do miss the Pacific! What in the heck was that cool dessert! You do look like a pro on the bike.