Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Bog Blog

So you know that Ocean Spray commercial where those guys are standing in a pool of cranberries?! Well, I learned that that "pool" is called a Bog and it's how they harvest the little guys.
Steffanie, Lauren, Jennie, Katherine, Aubrey and I
went to the Cranberry Bog Festival.
Happens once a year for only one weekend.
You get to walk on a little wooden overpass they build to see a close view of the process. Men wade in the water, throw the berries on the conveyer belt where they are washed then spill over into the truck.
Just beautiful colors
(I got a kick out of this man...just hangin' out in ma overalls waitin, ta hall away the berries!)
On the other side, in a separate field, you can see how the berry bushes look before they are harvested. There's a machine that floats on the water (very small in the background) that goes around sort of ruffling the bushes so the berries come loose and float in the water. (The good ones float, the bad ones sink). I think Monet' could have worked wonders with a paint brush here too, just like with his lily pads in the ponds.
They had them all packaged up and I'm assuming in these boxes? I don't know, they were just pretty so I took photos!
It was a beautiful fall day activity...
...even if the age bracket was slightly skewed to either a very young population (had little booths for kids, hence the strollers) or a very old one.
So, next time you drink cranberry juice....
picture this!


  1. This was just a way fun post to me! You could write a much fun you are having. Thanks for taking photos and keeping a record for those of us living a more ordinary life! :)

  2. That's way cool! I'm glad you found out about it so you could enjoy it the one weekend they were having it. :) I wanna live back there with you! It seems like there is just more stuff to do! I am jealous.

  3. I heart your photos, Annie. We haven't yet been to a cranberry bog and this was a great intro.

  4. What a fun day, we have never done that! Great pictures.