Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm loving living in this city more are more with each new activity and experience.
I got just a 'little' turned around the other night trying to drive to the temple from school. Little unknown fact, the iphone doesn't like to find the temple when you plug it into the gps. Excellent. But at least getting lost in Boston means you get views like this!

So, Patriot's Day was yesterday.
These horses received a police escort as they walked through town as part of the Battle at Lexington Reenactment. I just happened to get off the T from school at exactly the right moment as they walked down my street.

Boston Marathon!

So inspiring to be here for this awesome / famous event.
I ran from my house (just so I could feel a part of the heat stroke event --- 85 degrees --- yuck) and met up with my friends. We cheered on another friend as she ran. This was the last mile of the race and pretty much everyone looked like they wanted to die.

Then, because we ourselves worked up such an appetite watching all these people run, we went and bought burgers and sipped on some chocolate frapps on the grass as we watched the "show."


Amy invited some lovely ladies over and we all helped create a little Easter Sunday meal.

Mama and daddy sent me some Harry & David pears for my 'basket' so I added a few little slices of heaven atop my candied-pecan-poppy-seed salad.

Spring has Sprung

And these happy guys are all around the city in yards and medians.
Mel recently bought herself a 'big-girl' / typical father's day(?) purchase of her own...an outdoor grill, which I think is hysterical yet amazing. This has inevitably lead to many a BBQ already. ~Bless you spring and all the outdoor joy you bring~


  1. great update and great pictures. boston is a wonderful place to be able to be at sometime in your life--so glad you are there now (I probbly say something sappy like that each time I visit your blog....it just comes out of me because Boston is just so wonderful). I'm happy you are experiencing bbq's and what a wonderful Easter basket from your parents!!

  2. I smiled through the entire entry. So many things happen during a day or a week. We either notice and 'live' it...or, we don't. Love how you leap into life. Love ya, Mama

  3. I've been waiting for an update for ages!! Looks like you are having a blast...and enjoying warm, weather!! Its still practically snowing here!! Ugh. I miss you. If ever you are around, we must get together. Miss you.

  4. I flew home the day of the marathon and we tried to go into Boston. The traffic was so bad we finally gave up and went home! :( Anyway, I am glad you got to enjoy it and I couldn't believe the weather, it isn't so great now!