Thursday, July 5, 2012

Perpetual Party

 Just another post that makes my life look like a perpetual party.
~~~Guess that's a Boston summer for ya~~~
Movie nights & photo booth attempts

 Sent daddy a photo of my milk duds that I HAVE to have during a movie...
and got back a photo of his milk duds like 30 min later.
Guess I inspired a movie night!

Miss Mel's Birthday
First we went to a 'fight night' cus Mel's super into boxing and fitness lately. Odd b-day idea, but whateves. So far... no injuries.
There was a slight catastrophe once we got home. An innocent idea of arm wrestling... and a few rounds later what do you have??? A nasty broken arm (not mine). 
 So Ty and Emily sent me this photo of them arm wrestling just to hear my forever-more paranoid response around this sport of "don't do it!!!"

More BBQ's @ the boys

 Jake at the grill
 Brent (with his cookie-brownie-cookie 'sandwich') 
 A little summer evenin' folk band

Marilyn invited us down for Sunday dinner
 Gorgeous pie with berries from her yard
WITH a layer of chocolate JUST because she  -- quote --
'knew she couldn't serve me a dessert w/o chocolate'
Bless you Marilyn
 Then he took me to an animal wetlands-ish reserve on the way home
 bc he's good to me and is learning that
this time of evening is my absolute favorite
It was so beautiful and peaceful

Fourth of July Festivities
Big group went to listen to the Boston Pops rehearsal on the 3rd

The actual 4th...
Spiderman 3D imax
Tri-ward BBQ
Walked down to the river, with I'm pretty sure all the rest of Boston, and waited for the fireworks to start. Got temporarily delayed as they told us to 'go to shelter' as the storm hit. and when it didn't come the show resumed. But oh wait, then as soon as the first fireworks started off, it absolutely poured.


  1. K, my eyes look creepy in that picture with Jake's leg. But AM, you are tan!

  2. Cookie-brownie-cookie sandwich. Leave it to the men to be so innovative with their treats. And seriously, Annie, I love your blown-dry to curls transformation--definitely one for your mom's collection.

  3. You are right, this post does make it look like your life is one perpetual party. You lucky girl! AND, who is this alusive "HE" I am reading about? I think maybe i need a phone call, or a text, or maybe a blog about this individual. :) You are looking beautiful, my dear. I am so glad everything is going well for you. I miss you! I am saying, "hello shoulder" today and thinking of you and our fun gym times. Love you!! ...oh, and did you know Jord is going on a mission in like a month? Crazy, huh?

  4. What a bunch of fun stuff!! I am so glad you are having this experience. Did someone make that beautiful cake? I can't wait till we are living closer and can have you guys over more often.