Sunday, April 21, 2013


[Disclaimer: This post is exactly 9 weeks late... AWEsome]
I think it was one of those, "Wait, it happened? It actually came together and happened? Fewww"... then fly by the seat of your pants on to the next activity.
Who can't relate, right?

All Winter Extravaganza
An anual event for the YSA of New England.
This was my first 'event' as the coordinator for my new calling.

Friday night registration & games

The kid we delegated (my new favorite word) games to came up with having a Nerf war. 
Think I would have come up with that idea? No.
Was it awesome? Yes.

Saturday Morning

Had a nice opening service following this, but of course can't photograph that.
One of our sister missionaries was a back up singer for Gladys Knight for many years before her mission. She was our key note speaker. She then performed two numbers.
Beautiful~ both talk and songs. 

Service Project
The DJ turned on old time big band music and it was a really chill causal time for people to serve and mingle. We got nice positive feedback about it.

 Donated to a local hospital, that was actually in such short supply, they donated the funds for us to purchase the fabric and make them blankets!

A few of the signs that directed people as to where to go. 
We had a workshop speaker drop out the night before, so Jared (my co-chair) had the brilliant idea to host an impromptu testimony meeting after the two workshops (in place of the third). It was pretty touching to hear people bear testimony of how they weren't going to come, decided or were invited last minute to come, and were so grateful they had. Many tears. Jared and I just kept looking at each other out of the corner of our eyes like, "So, it was a success?!" haha. As a leader, you aren't always afforded the luxury of hearing that what you put effort into was meaningful or not to people. So this was a special treat to hear. 
The theme was, "I Know it, I Live it, and I Love it" from sister Dibb's conference talk. The workshop speakers were each given one of the three points of the topic to focus on. They did great jobs, from what little I could tell while popping my head in and out as I monitored the happs. of the event.

People were there all day, so we had to feed them. Those put in charge did wonderful jobs of providing filling, appetizing meals in BULK!

This is a shot of a mini dance-off competition we had.

Thumbs UP!
(And apparently farewell. Jared is engaged!! so I'll be getting a new co-chair. If it were for any other reason, I'd be ticked. But as it is, it's just so reassuring to see someone actually have success in that area, that I just can't fault him. It was fun while it lasted my friend)


  1. That looks awesome and so fun!! Good job, Anne.

  2. I have too many favorite sentences...but the one about 'delegated' being a new favorite word is at the top of my list! Haha! Fun to see the photos and put them together with the details I had in my mind. You are amazing.

  3. Fun and learning! Perfect, Annie. Church service is THE best job/life/social experience.