Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun on a budget

So, my roommates and I have been doing this experiment. It's called the "Let's not spend money for a while" experiment. Kaitlin and Brooke even went so far as to give me their credit cards and have me hide them. Yes...we're serious about it.These are a few of the awesome activities I have done 'on a budget'.

Kylie teaches dance at a nearby
elementary school, Northridge.
I went to their concert and it was
so cute to see her with all her kids~

Cost: $1.00

Then we got invited by some guy friends
to go to Park City. The girls were hungry... we stopped at this RANDOM
cheep little burger joint "Dairy Keen" that
was apparently dedicated to trains.

Me and Meg
We found out that the snowboarder,
Shaun White, who is preparing for the Olympics
(think red hair) was boarding that night so
we went and watched him for a bit.
There were SO many people there, and you
had to climb up this hill and I was the
only one in my group with boots with
any sort of traction, so they all held onto me.

We rounded off the night with
dollar hot cocoa
from 7-11.
Total cost: $4.00

Then...I have been so inspired by all the fun
decorations on the shirts and I thought...
"I can totally do that!"

This is my first attempt, but I have bins and bins
of material and I plan on experimenting more.
It was fun to play with the texture and the idea!
Cost: $0.00

Finally...Some nights we have struggled
a little when it comes to what to eat.
Somehow, Kaitlin and Brooke ended up
here one night at a complete loss
as to what to make.

Pretty sure the discussion turned away
from food near the middle and towards
life in general. You just never know when
or where you're ganna figure it all out huh?

Me and Kaitlin ended up in the kitchen
at the same time and, laughing,
realized we had made the exact same thing,
both with our aprons so the
sauce wouldn't splatter us!

Fun can very much be had on a budget


  1. that is so great that a school would offer dance lessons. I loved your creation too, very talented girl! And living on a budget, good job.

  2. I am so much more content to curl up on a couch and relax than you are. You get far more accomplished in a day than I might dream of. Creating something? Reminds me of that sweet talk by Elder Uchtdorf about encouraging each of us to create and beautify. Cute post.

  3. Sounds like fun! I remember how much I loved having roommates! The shirt looked cute, you'll have to post a picture of you wearing it!

  4. Hey, we're currently on an austerity budget, too! It's fun to figure out what you really don't need and then live without it. I love your ingenuity, Annie.

  5. YAY! Thanks so much for coming to see me and my kids at team match! It meant so much to me that you were there! Love you! And thanks for taking the pictures and video!

  6. Darling post! I'm so impressed at how your dollar was stretched so far! The dance was fun to see, your aprons are darling! I love the one you made for your mother for Christmas as well, and your creation was grammy worthy!

  7. Annie...such a cute post! I loved the Kylie stuff of course and how fun that you went to see her kids! Thanks for sharing that. I also loved your creativity on you shirt. It was adorable! It is true that you can have fun on a budget. Brad and I really had some fun times in college when we had very little money. I think that it is all about perspective and making the most of each moment. You are doing a great job of that!