Friday, February 12, 2010


Friends, Family, and Followers...I'm off on another journey.
Yesterday I accepted an invitation to go to Peru.
Since I returned from Africa,
my friend Carlie and I have been working with
Lynley, the professor that took us to Ghana. We are
writing a research proposal to publish the findings
we gathered from our research while in Ghana.
Yesterday, we were accepted to present at a
medical conference in Cuzco, Peru.
We will be traveling to Lima (capitol of Peru) in 5 weeks
along with many local Utah doctors.
For 5 days, our group will be presenting current
research to Peruvian doctors and medical staff,
as well as personal and public health,
organized response to natural disasters and
other medical related information.
Of course, we will be visiting Mount Machu Picchu,
spending one night camping at its base
then hiking it the next morning.
As for the rest of the time,
since I don't speak spanish, I along with
other non-spanish-speaking team members,
will be filling my week with humanitarian service
and lots of manual labor (uh oh).

I am so excited by this surprise opportunity
and cannot wait to visit a land and people
I never expected to see.
I leave March 20th, so stay tuned and,
as always, I'll keep you posted!


  1. off on another wonderful adventure! What stories you will have to tell.

  2. You MUST bring Grandma Rowan some kind of cool colorful hat.

  3. This is wonderful! Presenting on a conference and seeing Peru at once. I just watched the most interesting documentary on Machu Picchu. I wonder if I could find the name of it. P.S. How do you know, Chioma?? She was one of my seminary students five years ago!

  4. ¡Buen viaje! Que experiencia tan grande.

    A, e, i-o-u.
    Arbolito del Peru.
    Yo me llamo Da-le.
    ¿Como te llamas tu?

  5. How exciting, what a world traveler you are.

  6. This is way cool Annie!!! What an experience you will have. Did you hear that the Dorius' are going to be serving their mission there? So exciting for all of you. Thanks so much for calling Abby to wish her good luck...that was so sweet and appreciated.

  7. LizzyP, we were in the same French class!