Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Walks

Love Sunday Walks...
especially when it is *snowing*
We were like a walking Ugg fashion show!

Kaitlin, Megan, Me, and Brooke.

We get so cooped up on Sundays, we've started
a tradition of Sunday walks.
Rain, snow or sun, we go!


  1. That looks like the perfect thing for the Sabbath. Do you burst into song and dance as if you're living in a musical? When you're dressed so similarly, why not? I say that on the next storm you're ready with the words from "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel. It's basically appropriate for the hymnal, right? I dare you.

  2. This is just sooo cute! I know your "need" to get out and MOVE. Glad you have good friends who feel the urge, too! You also all look like you are happy to be back together again following a week of separation!! Happy happy day!

  3. great photo! Utah has had so much snow this year and we, luckily, have not!

  4. CUTE blog! You are doing such amazing things with your life! I have been updating my blog and found your blog through Annalises...hope you dont mind I'm linking yours to mine!

  5. I love that you s totally walk in style! What a fun tradition!

  6. you have to stop by!! My sister and brother are almost always over... its #106

  7. Your life is filled with adventure and fun. Going to Peru what an experience!!!!! I can not wait to hear all about so I can feel like I am on the journey with you