Thursday, October 14, 2010

115 is an insane #

I drove down to Vegas last weekend to support daddy-o on his ride.
He and his brother, Uncle Kevin, rode 115 miles on their bikes.
Insane. Exhausting. A once-in-a-lifetime-experience...
or so I thought.
The night before they were all pumped full of pasta, water, and had everything out ready to grab at 5 the next morning. I came downstairs and surprised them around 4:45 am to see them off. They had tons of gatorade, 'gue' (some electrolyte pudding-type stuff which I actually like), electrolyte chews, cliff bars, etc.
That night, after coming in the house and immediately falling to the floor, we heard nothing but "Ah", "Oh", "That was crazy!", "I can't stand that gue!", "Oh that mile 67...or 90...". I guess someone named Bernie asked my Uncle Kevin if he would ever do something like this again. He said, "Bernie...tomorrow this bike is on Ebay!" And daddy said, "I told Marie to shoot me if I ever talk about doing something like this again!"
This was Saturday.
On Monday, daddy texts me saying he's already thinking about doing something like it again.
I guess it was fun!
Brought them a curb-side lunch.
Then, of course grandma took us out for food, multiple times!
With grandma, you can always count on food and shopping. LOVE it~


  1. It was fun seeing you! Tell your dad congrats on the big ride - I can't even imagine!

  2. I'm glad you were able to be there! Such a cute photo of you and Grandma...

  3. Fun times, I'm sad I missed the mini reunion!

  4. That is so nice you went down to support him! How come you always look so cute??