Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A sparkly new job

I got a second job!
Now, three days a week, after I put my little preschoolers on the bus, I go to Lehi and do ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapy privately with a little girl in her home in the evenings.
Today was my first session with her, aaaaannd
as part of one of the reward sessions, we painted her nails...
and then mine. haha. Doesn't everybody know glitter nail polish over acrylic is the new wave in fashion?!?!
I'm getting them done again soon enough, so I didn't care.
And, I'm quickly learning that nothing I wear to either job is going to stay 'nice' for long. My once-nice-shoes have now lost 4 of the 12 gems thanks to having my feet stepped on only about, um, I don't know, maybe 20 times a day. And I frequently come home with food, snot, slobber, and bubbles on my clothes and in my hair.
Today, I came home with banana down the left leg of my jeans; I found rice in my hair from the girl I helped to feed lunch, bubbles on my shirt, and play-dough under my fingernails.
it's not glamorous work, or all that sparkly, but I love the little ones.
~~~At least I'll go into motherhood with my eyes wide open and at least a small idea of what to expect!~~~


  1. For reals!

    One word- Target.

  2. Ha! A fantastic description of reality! I like the glimpses into your days. Was your new little friend so excited with her nails??? You are so cute...and your new background is pretty! (AJ's advice is perfect.)

  3. i just introduced abigail to nail polish and she's a huge fan. i will have to introduce "sparkles" next...a whole new love affair i'm sure. i love your stories--keep them coming. and, oxi clean gets anything, anything at all, out:)

  4. The new background is really pretty, as well as the nails. It sounds like a great job (both), how fun for you.

  5. My girl loves a little glitter, too. So fun. It balances out the banana on the pant leg quite well, I'm sure.