Sunday, October 31, 2010


In soccer, a hat-trick is when you make three goals in one game.
I'm not wasn't exactly what I did.
I did run my first 1/2 MARATHON!
(You can just see me and Brooke's heads behind the girl in red)
The last .5 mile runway was just packed with people
lining both sides. There were just under 3,000 runners and
lots and lots of friends and fans.
We finished in 2:03:27 and
ran the WHOLE 13.1 miles!
Chugged a water bottle then
immediately fell to the ground.
It was so fun to have my roommate to run next to
and pace with me.
This had been a New Years resolution and something
I've wanted to do for SO long.
Seriously, it was one of the most fun physical
activity things I've done. Running through the canyon
with all the leaves on the trees and ground, snow on the
mountain tops, and 3,000 fellow runners
all around me (some very much in costume, since
it was halloween and all)...
At one point I turned off my ipod and just listened
to the river we were running along and the
rhythmic pounding of thousands of shoes
on the pavement.
Three of our friends came to cheer us on.
Thanks guys!
Then I went to Ky's to watch the Giants game
while she got ready for a party.
Let's just say I was a little too tired to join her.
So instead of partying, I went home and made
a casserole with Kaitlin and Trevs....
and then homemade Oreos with orange frosting...
and then peanut butter bars...
and then...just kidding.

So my day was a three fold plus, or hat-trick!
Marathon, friends, and cooking.
~Can't wait for my next run~


  1. Didn't know you were quite the kitchen extraordinaire. You'll have to start sending me recipes of your creations. Especially the homemade oreos! :)


  2. That first photo made us laugh...started off with Ty pointing out the difference in height between you and Brooke! You did good, Anne Marie! I am impressed. I really am! Glad it was such a fun and beautiful thing to do...I love that photo of you and Brooke on the ground!!

  3. Anne, I'm so excited to hear that you are running. It is my absolute favorite thing to do. I LOVE IT! Congrats on the 1/2 marathon.

  4. Congrats! 13.1 is a long way and you did it! I confess, I'm a little in love with half marathons myself.

  5. Anne Marie, you are AMAZING! I've always wanted to do a half marathon. Way to go cousin, that's quite the accomplishment. Loved your post, it looked like you had a blast doing it!

    - Jess

  6. I applaud anyone who can even run around the block, that is so great!!!!