Saturday, May 10, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 33&34

I grew up with a beagle, Caramel. Pretty little girl...
At my first visit yesterday they had an 11 yr old beagle too.
He was all grey and his name was Henry.
I don't touch other people's dogs. Ever.
But for beagles... I make a HUGE exception. 

For 1/2 the visit Henry sat by me on the floor as I worked with the kid and I scratched Henry's neck and ears just like we used to with the beast.

 Then he went an sunbathed on the floor in the corner.
I missed my puppers but was so grateful for Henry letting me love him for a moment. I swear I felt puppers' little spirit saying hello. She knows we miss her and still think of her, love her, and look for her in the back yard.

Happy Day Moment #33
Memories of Puppers

Happy Day Moment #34
Service project with the stake, boxing canned goods for the Salvation Army. Showed up and friends from the ward actually knew my name. Felt a small step closer to belonging. 

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  1. I love this story about Caramel and the dog that reminded you of Caramel. P.S. Did know all their names, too? It's so hard learning tons of names at once. Keep going.