Monday, May 12, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 35&36

Happy Day Moment #35

Mother's Day
I got to spend mine with his mama, my aunt, grandma, and a phone call with MY mama. Not a bad line up. 
Turkey dinner with his fam, then walked across the street for chocolate cake with my cousins. I love the proximity. I didn't even bother to put on shoes! (He joked I was a barbarian, but I just felt summer-freedom)
Had to call mama to remember exactly how to make the whipped cream for second desert with his fam :) The sound of the mixer against the bowl transported me home in one of the brief unexpected memory moments.
I once wrote a poem about a mother teaching her daughter a simple life-lesson using whipping cream as the 'parable'. Funny. Haven't thought of that forever :) I must have written it after one of the many times MY mama stood by me in the kitchen as I made the whipped cream.

Happy Day Moment #36

Teaching grama what a hashtag is.
Seriously... this was hysterical.

Gram was reading the LDS news and told me that Elder Ballard had been the first member of the 12 to 'tweet' after a CES devotional recently. She asked me, "How do you tweet? Is it on Tweeter?"
Well, I don't tweet, but I do know SOMEthing.

Started with the basics. First, it's called "Twitter, not Tweeter"
 She's heard of facebook and instagram. This is "just another one of those things". 
Then we explained what a # sign was, and how it goes in front of a little 'phrase', and how you can make your own, or join yours with a whole web of choices so it's compiled into a sort of 'grouping' with others who've used the same 'phrase'.... PLUS, just to make things confusing, 

She got it better when I likened it to a signature. 
When you sign your name, that's called a 'signature'. 
When you put #+phrase, that's called a hashtag

I've never been one to hashtag, but ...

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  1. What a great day with great memories and laughter and bare feet. What a great combo.