Monday, May 5, 2014

100 Happy Days -- whenever to Day 29

I kinda fell off the bandwagon here.

I'll just do a quick summation of my good last week:

-two successful FHE's
-two birthday celebrations with family
-two safe drives to and from Utah and Vegas
-three great days in Utah with family
-two reunions with friends I haven't seen in 2-4 yrs
-one of the most memorable Friday's of my life (details to come)
-a hysterical rendition of Peter Pan at Hale Center Theater
-learning the ins and outs of fly fishing from dad and brother
-sharing a hotel room with my parents, and laughing a lot

back soon~
Thx for the encouragement Liz. 
It's because of you I posted even withOUT pics!


  1. Many memorable moments. One at about 2:30 A.M. You laughing hysterically "It's your birthday!!!" Me joining you in the hysteria....even amidst my goose-egg and pain. Thanks to dad for getting out of bed, putting clothes on and finding ice!!

  2. Oh, blogging. It's made us need photos! I'm so thankful our journaling forerunners didn't stop when they didn't have a photo. It's just to hear your updates when you post them.