Thursday, June 26, 2014

100 Happy Days -- 69-76

I've done it again. Let a whole week go by w/o posting. 
How dare I get wrapped up in my own life :)

Happy Day Moment #69
Daddy flew in for the weekend!

Happy Day Moment #70
Hangin out with gram and dad @ the rehab center.
And... taking ENGAGEMENTS!
(no sneak previews)

Happy Day Moment #71
Discovering an amazing French bakery around the corner.
Completely legit croissants and quiche 

Happy Day Moment #72
Sitting next to him at church. Feels lonely w/o him.

Happy Day Moment #73
Remembering I bought tickets to BOSTON!!!!!!
See you soon, home.

Happy Day Moment #74
Doing well at work.

Happy Day Moment #75
Honestly, wednesday was a bit tough. not my best day. Then I went and just sat with him for a while without talking. And I felt ok again. 
Mama says that's what it's all about, when you find "your person"

Happy Day Moment #76
Crossing off another day on the countdown. 

~And temple night with him tonight~

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