Wednesday, June 18, 2014

100 Happy Days -- Days 62-68

100 Happy Days -- week

Went home for WEDDING PLANNING!!

Happy Day Moment #62 
Flying Home

Happy Day Moment #63 
Choosing cake flavors. 

You take home cupcakes in flavors you think you might like and test them out for what you want in your actual cake. 

Happy Day Moment #64 
Setting up a wish-list for a future home is FUN

Happy Day Moment #65
Chillin with the fam and being home for Father's Day

Happy Day Moment #66
Leaving home in style... behind a tractor. classic.

Happy Day Moment #67
He made me dinner...
...the same dinner he made me 4 years ago in Idaho when I drove down for a weekend back when we were first dating. Crazy.

Happy Day Moment #68
Packages from mama

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  1. That's funny. You had the exact same happy moments that I had last week!