Thursday, August 6, 2009

By God's Grace...

The people of Ghana are a very religious people. Worship service is held every Wednesday morning at Grey Memorial School, preachers have sermons numerous times a week, and when we would ask people how they were, the adults would often answer, "By God's grace I am fine."

Something fun I started to do after a few weeks in Ghana was to take note of all the religious references made on car windows and shop fronts. On about 75% of the taxi and buses there would be big yellow gold stickers of a 2-5 word religious phrase on the back window. And easily 80% of the shops had a purple or black title incorporating religion. In just one day, on one bus ride, these are the phrases I took note of on the cars and on the shops:

-With God
-Back to Sender
-We are still praying
-Fire & Holy Word Worship...7-Day Holy Ghost Package Included
-God will provide
-God is great
-Jesus, power
-Read Da Bible
-Good God
-The Lord is my light
-Jesus is the answer
-Clap for Jesus
-Give your best to God & ask God for His best

Look at the Shop titles

-Not By Might
-My Shepherd
-Jesus Connection Enterprise
-To God Be The Glory Dishes
-That I May Know Him
-Jesus Cares Salon
-Hallelujah Hardware
-Everything by God Beauty Salon
-Glory Be To God
-God's Time Is The Best
-Right Way Book Shop
-Virtuous Ladies Beauty Salon
-Grace & Glory Nursery School

Some are so funny! You just can't deny that God is very important to these people.


  1. Those are delicious and how cool that they look "up" around every corner.

  2. My two faves: "Read Da Bible" and "Hallelujah Hardware". I wonder if that was comforting to you feel that you had shared beliefs. By the way, in that video of the kids singing I couldn't help but notice the boy who was not--the one with the blue hooded coat who was chewing his gum. I have a few boys on the back row of primary who have that same look on their face at times.

  3. Really cool stuff Anne Marie. America needs a bit more of this, don't you think!