Sunday, August 2, 2009


Two more days left…that’s it! I’ve been delaying writing anymore the past few days because that would mean I would have to write about “the end.” I realize that this dream of mine to come to Africa and live this adventure is ending soon. I’m sure the emotion of it all will hit me sooner than later, but for the time being I’m just having fun!

We had all day today to play, so we started out with some breakfast and Frankie’s. We stayed up until 3 am Friday night, so sleeping in and a yummy breakfast was necessary. Afterward, we walked a mile or so to an African market. This was a very calm two story market where Esther, the stake Relief Society President works. It was clean, but unfortunately very pricy. So instead of spending much time there, we headed to a fabric store I remembered seeing while jogging in the mornings. Unfortunately, after finding the right street we found the wood slates empty. But walking just a little further we found another shop.

Jackpot. They had totally reasonable prices and beautiful fabric. I swear I am at one with my world when I am surrounded in fabric.

Taking back our great new finds, we started packing. Weird! It means things are ending. As long as some days have felt here, I still feel like it has only been two weeks since I arrived. Packing again is just odd.

After we took a little break, some of the girls wanted to head back over to Teshikwashi market for the last time. I had so much fun messing around with all the vendors. The guys like to call out, “Tsss, my sister. Let me show you something special for you. I give you good price, good price. Just look in my shop. No price for looking.” Everyone has something special. Everyone will give you “a good price.” It’s pretty funny. So now I feel comfortable enough here that I just mess around with them. They seem to have fun. Like I’ve said all along, it’s going to be hard coming home because nobody’s going to think I’m cool! Just on the merit of being a white blonde girl, I am instantly super cool and popular. It’s gonna be a bleak picture indeed.J

Now, after we cleared out this market we had to hurry and meet up with our group for a last hurrah dinner at Rhapsody’s. In order to get to the Accra mall, we had to cross some ground. Let’s just say I checked off running across a freeway from my Life List of Things-to-Do. Now it’s back packing, writing down last day memories, and roommate bonding. Tomorrow I plan on eating as much mango and fried rice as I can and soaking up as much Ghana in my bones as possible!


  1. are comfortable and happy here. Look at those beautiful colors. Remember the photo of you in the fabric store in San Francisco? Call and Ty had their head between their legs forever!

  2. What a great thing to bring home--a lot of fabric for making more reminders of everything you've learned a felt.

  3. I think you are cool and popular! I so loved reading your blog over the last month! It has truly given me a desire to want to visit Ghana...after all, I do have family there! I figure if you can do it, I can do it despite all the poverty, luke warm showers, bugs, insects, get the picture! I can't wait to plan my trip back home!